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This was one of those rare hikes == in Troop 4 we call them an "EVERYTHING HIKE"

(which means FOUR SEASONS of weather during the one weekend).

Such hikes readily determine which of our Scouts are practicing " BE PREPARED" on the trail!


Henry, Mike C., John, Jonah, Arturo, Mike S., Grant, Ben, Dhruv, Howie.

We started hiking in the rain & with a light fog --- it was a "raw" morning.

We saw a few snakes that had been caught in the open & frozen in their tracks.

Along the trail we are able to explore this Revolutionary era iron mine.

( It had once provided iron ore to make into cannonballs for our Colonial Army).


We arrive at our intended campsite after the rain had stopped.

Per tradition, we raised our American & Troop 4 flag and proceeded to settled in.

The rain had stopped but the air remained chilly as the sun was trying hard to appear.


Thanks to rain that morning, this flowing stream provided a perfect

source of water to boil for our cooking needs.


After campsite prep work was done, several large wild grape vines

proved perfect for having fun as the afternoon turned sunny & warm.


BUT, at 1:00 a.m. Sunday, the wet snow started to fall as predicted & did not

let up until about 6:00 a.m.. We slept quite well under our tarps which sagged

a lot under the FIVE INCHES of wet snow; but we stayed cozy & dry underneath.



NO SNOW in December---or January---or February ...but in mid-April we had snow!


The Boy Scout Motto is: BE PREPARED!








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