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April 2017 Hike

Scouts in attendance: Mike, John, Owen, Tom & Henry

Adults in attendance: Howie, Dhruv

The forecast was mixed for the weekend... when we started on the

trail there was a light rain but temps were moderating. As a result of

all that rain, most of the trails were very muddy or inches under water!

(Properly water proofed boots were the key to comfort...)

No entry to this mine due to the deluge of rain the prior few days..

It was still cool enough for remnants of the winter snows in shaddy spots

Since it was April 1st, we stopped at a spot in the woods & told the Scouts

to collect firewood; after several minutes we yelled, " April Fools--- this is

NOT the campsite". (Fortunately for us they had a good sense of humor!)


Arriving by map & compass at our desired location we looked down

on a perfect site for our lunch & for our campsite.

The cessation of rain allowed for a leisurely rest before campsite setup.


After setup there was plenty of daylight to allow practice of

knife throwing at a broken tree stump. In fact the daylight

lasted until a shocking 8:30 pm so dinner & campfire were

hours later than usual. Sleeping was fine but despite the 45 degree

night there was a healthy frost on the tarps in the morning. Hiked

out to the pickup spot by map & compass with easy hiking part

of the way on the vestiges of an un-mappped 1800's wagon trail.