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February 2017 Hike





Scouts in attendance: Grant, Mike and Jeremy

Adults in attendance: Dhruv & Howie

Troop 4 heads into the woods for another fun winter experience :o)

Despite the 6 inches of fresh snow, no icy crust had formed +

an overcast sky & no wind made for great hiking conditions.

Although it was Jeremy's first Troop 4 hike, he was a
trooper & hiked in the lead the entire weekend.


In addition to the usual snowball throwing, the other

Troop 4 standard is sledding on our foam sleeping pads.


We got a nice break when the sun came out from behind

the cloud cover for most of the afternoon; this lifted the

temperature to a very civilized 44 degrees===not bad at

all for a February hike !!

Once our campsite was set up under our tarps; it was time to hang out

until it was time to prepare dinner... then dry the melted snow from our

clothes before heading for the sleeping bags. Again Mother Nature was

very cooperative & although it dropped into the 30's the air was totally still

making for no wind chill & great sleeping!

At 5:00 a.m. a light sleet & freezing rain started---by 7 a.m. it began to

snow quite heavily. We ate a warm breakfast, packed up and hiked out by

compass & our topographical maps --- came out of the woods exactly at

the pre-arranged pick-up spot ! The snow was still falling at a good clip so

'the ride home was a bit slippery for the car drivers .......