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January 2017 Hike

Scouts in attendance: Grant & Mike

Adults in attendance: Howie, Dhruv & Ben

For the first hike since Spring of 2016 there was adequate water

in the woods due to recent rainfall! Even better = it rained Friday night

before the hike; was 54 degrees & mild on Sat. & Sunday. Then on Sunday

afternoon it started the downpour that last the next few days!! We were

VERY lucky with all our weather on this hike :o)

After a sunny, relaxing lunch along the trail, we spent a while practicing

our knife & tomahawk throwing on a old tree stump nearby.



The weather was 40 degrees all night so it was very comfortable

under the usual Troop 4 trail tarp. Twice during the night a VERY

dense fog rolled in so by the morning our tarps looked like it had rained!

For a challenge we left the marked trails & travelled by compass

through dense Mt. Laurel & around a few swamps.

Along the way we followed several miles of a very elaborate rock lined

road that had been built by the early settlers as a wagon trail in the 19th

century. Imagine the thousands of man-hours needed to carve this

roadway out of the total wilderness!