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March 2017 Hike

Scouts in attendance: John, Jason & Mike

Adults along: Eagle Scout/Alumnus Trent, his father Tim, Ben & Howie

A challenging 7+ mile backpacking in 6-8 inches of snow, grey skies,

& daytime temps that never exceeded 20 degrees on our themometer.

Mid-day we stopped for lunch in a park shelter which helped block

some of the brisk winds that persisted most of the day.


Once we selected a campsite, we prepared for the night which

dropped to a challenging 8 degrees -- BUT the wind mercifully subsided.

After Sunday breakfast , we cleaned up & packed always,

mindful of the motto: "Take nothing but pictures; leave noting but

footprints". Then we were back on the trail for an easy 2 miles

( mostly downhil ) to meet the pickup drivers ...then home for

a welcome long warm shower!