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November 2017 Hike

Scouts in attendance: Nick, Nick Jr, Mike, Jason, Owen, Finnegan, Jeremy, Jason

Adults in attendance: Howie, Ronak , Dhruv ( behind the camera)

We had a gorgeous weekend to kick off the 2017-2018 hike season.

A special treat was the return of Troop Alumnus & Life Scout Ronak Chawda

following his graduation from University of Buffalo.

On the far side of the lake is the dam that Troop 4 Scouts are always

challenged to clamber up (on the dry side face) ( as seen on prior hikes).

Troop 4 campfire tradition has always been "back rests" ---

the bigger the better!

Back rests in place, fire ring lined with rocks, wood collected, & tarps set up...

Now it's time to relax & wait for evening to start the fires for dinner...

followed by a cheerful campfire of Troop 4 favorite songs & cheers.

After breakfast & site restoration to "leave nothing but footprints",

it was back on the trail to walk out to the pick up spot

"taking nothing but memories & photographs".