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April 2015 Hike

This April hike was bright with almost cloudless skies---like any normal April hike should be-----until we ascended one park mountain and found two areas covered with over a foot of SNOW! - and not on the shady side either; right on the peak in full sunshine. OF COURSE, this necessitated sliding on their polypads AND a full blown snowball "fight" with the Bison Patrol scouts pitted against the Eagle Patrol scouts.

So there we were enjoying the season of Spring with reptiles giving birth AND still enjoying the Winter fun in the snow patches.





Scouts in attendance: Mike, Tom S, Tom K, Owen, John, Mike, Jason, Nick, Jonah, Teddy,Jack Henry,Grant

Adults in attendance: Howie, Dhruv, Steve Stafford


Tom Caine with female garter snake soon to become a mother.

Later in the day at our campsite, Tom found another female garter snake who had just delivered a dozen live babies--- quite a sight!


Gettng organized to do some polypad "sledding" on the snow patch

Next came the snowball fight across the snow patch

Leaving the two snow patches behind, we had a normal springtime lunch break





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