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Fun times on a Waubeeka "Road Trip" out of Camp!


The waterfront with building designed by Troop 4 Eagle Scout - Architect, John Davis.

Our typical 2 Scout wall tent on wood platform

At our Haystack campsite, all meals are prepared: boiling on the "barrel stove" & frying on the griddle surface of the " sheepherder" stove. Once the table is set, it's time to call everyone to enjoy the meal......

Throughout each day "free time" allows our Scouts to just enjoy the 1000 acres on the Reservation. These two are enjoying the challenge of catch-and-release fishing on Lake Waubeeka....

White water on the Sacandaga to cool off .......OR..... the weekly water ski trip to Tom at Daggett Lake

Our mid weekend trip out of Camp to local fun spots... & back to Camp for zipline into the pond to cool off

2015 Trip to Howe Caverns

In the Waubeeka Staff vs Scout Leaders "Watermelon Game", Howie blocks another staff shot on goal as the Scoutmasters win once again in Week 1, 2015 :o)

Visiting Grandson Brayden scores a hatchet bullseye!