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Here you will find links to pictures from our storied past!

Our two flags that always fly over each campsite

"Back in the Day" ---a li'l Trent & Bailey at the Waubeeka flagpole

with Camp Director Dave , Hanigus, & Howie


What it looks like when everyone "overloads" the front of the

raft when you descend the front of a standing wave :o)


Waterskiing at Daggett Lake in 2015

One hike ----many challenged hikers


The "Greenbar" of Troop 4 visited Washington, D.C.

Rappelling with Troop alumni instructors

Exploring a cliff sited cave used by

Orange County horsethieves in the 1700's


A side trip from Camp Waubeeka to Indian Lake in the Adirondacks


Our Scouts have attended most recent National Jamborees...

Our Asst. Scoutmaster Mr. Weiner acts as Staff at every OA Conclave

On white water canoe trips there is no end to excitement & challenges


Our Scoutmaster leads us to many Revolutionary Era

historical sites that are way off the beaten track

Another Troop 4 favorite near Camp Waubeeka ---rafting on the Sacandaga

The BEST two weeks of the Troop 4 year --- Camp Waubeeka!

At Waubeeka fun ranges from aquatic activities to rappelling on Mt. Stevens on Read Reservation


Another unmapped site hidden in the backwoods known to our Scoutmaster

We never cease to be amazed at what you can discover on moutain tops in a

state park ---in this case there were two abandonned cars from the 1950's

Across Mud Pond + portaging up a mountain in Maine and we

got to explore an entire train at a turn of the century logging camp



On winter hikes, frozen ponds lend to skateless skating &

ice hockey with sticks & Pringle can lids




In one state park we explore the intact remains of an inclined railroad

which survives from the late 1800's....

Free time at Camp Waubeeka in our Haystack campsite & we get silly

Once again our Scoutmaster leads us to abandonned ruins in a state park

"Canoe Swamp" fun as we challenge & usually beat other Troops at Waubeeka

White water is always a challenge + FUN!

In the Adirondacks we always visit historical sites near Camp Waubeeka

Nature is always one of our interests in Troop 4


After we exhaust the white water in our canoes, we

then go "rump bumping" in our PFD's + helmets

Fall & Spring ---Troop families join together for

Potlucks & BBQ's

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