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Troop 4 in Action

Winter Hike 1957 [ complete story= found at About Us on this site]

When we awoke it became obvious that Mr. S was having a heart attack...AND the blizzard that had been raging throughout the night was continuing. Mr. Galanka sent S.P.L. B.S. & a few bigger Scouts back across the frozen lake (covered knee deep in snow) to call for an ambulance & return with a tobaggan sled for transport. The rest stayed with Mr. S. & kept him warm & quiet. Once Mr. S was pulled back across the lake by everyone at max exertion, the ambulance took him to the nearest hospital where he fully recovered. [ A few years later, Mr.S. gave Howard the bugle that he himself had played when a Scout = a thankyou for Troop 4 Scouts' aid. Howard still plays that bugle every summer at Camp Waubeeka.] TROOP 4 FIRST AID saved a life.

Troop Meeting Fall 1958

At our Thursday night meeting we had a guest visit from the Bronx Valley Council Field Exec, Mr. Andy Nesbit. As we stood at attention, 12 year old Scout J.B. informed his Cobra P.L., H.R. that he did not feel well....AND he collapsed to the Scout Cabin floor. The adults present were frozen in shock but his P.L. ascertained that it was Heat Exhaustion & immediately coordinated First Aid steps for treatment. Scout J.B. recovered uneventfully.

July 18,1968 [ As recounted in Scouting Boys' Life magazine under "Scouts in Action" ]

S.P.L. John Kane (whose nephew has now joined Troop 4 in 2014) was at Central Avenue in Yonkers. The road was under major construction as it was converted from a 3 lane state road into the 6-8 lane road with median strip that it is today. John heard a hissing noise & saw some sort of jet stream shooting from the ground high into the air. He then smelled gas----a bulldozer had broken a main gas pipe. John swung into action: rushed to Roxie's Seafood Restaurant [ where the Thomasville furniture store now stands ] & told Mr. LaMar to turn off the stoves & call the Yonkers Fire Dept. Then he ran back to the street & and warned everyone to extinguish cigarettes, pipes and cigars. For his quick action & bravery, Troop 4 Scout John Kane was awarded the BSA Medal of Merit by the National Court of Honor.

Camp Waubeeka 1985

Troop 4 Scouts A.F. & C.R. were canoeing one evening on the lake at Scout Camp. At the north end of the lake the Nature Director, Norm, was snorkeling for nature samples without a buddy & without a PFD. All of a sudden he started thrashing & screaming for help since a cramp was causing him to drown. These Troop 4 Scouts quickly responded & using Canoe M.B. skills did a "canoe rescue" ....then did First Aid for the cramp. At the Bronxville Court of Honor, both Scouts were presented with a Medal for Meritorious Action by the National Court of Honor.

Summer of 1992

Troop 4 Eagle Scout A.F. was walking by the pool at a Westchester country club where he worked. In the pool were several adults swimming laps with a radio at the edge of the pool playing music. One man in the water reached up to adjust the radio at which point A.F. saw him shaking from electrocution. A.F. used his Scout knowledge & ran over & kicked the plug out of the outlet & then attended to the victim before the EMT arrived.

Summer of 1998

Troop 4 Eagle Scout C.R. was in California training as an F-18 pilot with the U.S. Navy. Off duty he was swimming with friends at a local public beach when he heard a cry for help from a swimmer nearby. The cries were unheeded by the lifeguard on duty so C.R. sprung into action, used his Lifesaving M.B. skills & recovered the almost drowned victim who thanked C.R. in spanish through his tears. (At that point the lifeguard came over and inquired if there were a problem....and the would be victim gave the lifeguard a real piece of his mind! )

Autumn of 1992

Troop 4 Eagle Scout B.R. was playing touch football with friends from Roosevelt High when one of the guys was acting strange. Once B.R. heard the symptoms, he was sure that his friend was having a heart attack ---despite the unlikelyhood of that occuring in a healthy robust teenager. B.R. insisted that he drive him to Lawrence Hospital for a proper diagnosis. The emergency room physician confirmed that this teen was indeed suffering from a heart attack and told the boys that had he not been taken to the E.R. this quickly, he would have been a fatality.

Autumn of 1994

This same Troop 4 Eagle (as above) was a freshman at Cornell when a high school friend attending Ithaca College invited B.R. to his fraternity initiation at an Ithaca bar. When B.R. arrived, his friend D.K. had already downed several shots of hard alcohol. When B.R. heard that D.K had not eaten, he used information taught at his RHS Health Class to determine that his alcohol content had to be out of sight. B.R. , despite heckling by others present, took him to the bathroom & using Scout First Aid procedure, induced vomitting while he had a friend call 911. D.K. was rushed to the County Hospital where his stomach was pumped. The physician told B.R. & friend that had several more minutes transpired, D.K. would have died in the bar that night.

Winter 1980

Our Troop 4 Scoutmaster was on the MetroNorth train, front car, as it pulled out of the Grand Central Station headed for Westchester. There was a big thump as the train ran over "something". The engineer backed the train up & went out to investigate. H.R. followed him and they saw a homeless man who had been sleeping under the train which had run over his leg & the top of his scalp almost amputating both. He was in shock & bleeding profusely. While the engineer went to call for help, H.R. jumped onto the tracks, removed the man's belt to make a tourniquet & some clothing to apply pressure to his bleeding scalp. When the E.M.T. arrived he thanked H.R. for his quick & correct First Aid response.

December 2014 Hike

Hiking up a mountain late morning on Saturday, our first scouts reached the top & found two hikers---one was lying on the ground & in pain. Not waiting for the arrival of the adults bringing up the rear, the Senior Scouts diagnosed the First Aid problem as hypothermia & sprung into immediate action. They provided the woman with two blankets & hand warmers placed around her neck & wrist arteries. They suggested her companion use his cell phone to call the state park rangers. When the adults arrived shortly on the peak, all they could add was congratulations to the Troop 4 Scouts for their real life use of Scout Skills . One of Troop 4 slogans remains: THERE IS NO PARTIAL CREDIT when it comes to First Aid.

October 2014 Hike

While the scouts were setting up their wilderness campsite in the state park, a young couple with their dog approached the Troop 4 Scouts. They had been hiking for several hours on a very difficult trail. Daylight was waning ; they were underdressed for the weather; the girl was carrying the dog who was too exhausted to walk any farther; and they had no map and no knowledge of where they were nor where they had parked their car. The Scouts directed them to the adults who provided a map for them to photograph on their cell phone, gave them a safe shortcut back to their car once they confirmed the parking lot was where we suggested based on park road knowledge. LESSONS learned by our Scouts were several "NEVER DO THIS in the wilderness" principles that we discussed that evening.

February 2017

Troop 4 First Class Scout, Jason R., was skateboarding in the town park with his friend Nick.  It was a beautiful fall day & everything was going well … until Nick wiped out. It was readily apparent to Jason based on his Scout First Aid knowledge that Nick’s injuries required professional help; he calmed Nick & called 911 for an ambulance. At the hospital Nick was diagnosed with an injured ankle, a dislocated knee, and a torn ligament. The hospital staff & Nick’s family complemented Jason on his appropriate assistance.


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