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Troop 4 Alumni News

Troop 4 Eagle Scout Mitesh and his wife Rutesha

Troop 4 alum Ben and his wife Holly Bromberg

Dhruv and Megha at their wedding in January 2015


TROOP ALUMNI HIKE - Fall of 1992

(Front): Christian E.,Steve K.,Chuck M.,Tom R.,Brian G.

(Rear) Howie, Chris R.,Andy F.,Steven A.,Brad R., Peter G.,Rich B.

Troop 4 Eagle Scout Brad R. is now a retired USMC

Major & was a KC-130 pilot. He now is a First Officer

flying for American Airlines to Euopean Cities.


Troop 4 Eagle Scout Chris R ---a.k.a "Comrade"---

flew from the Kitty Hawk, USN both in Afghanistan

& in Iraq on multiple combat missions with F-18's.


Eagle Scout Scott G. departs for college at the

London School of Dramatics. (Mom Noreen

says goodbye at JFK in 2015).


George Eldridge & Eagle Scout Peter Gudmundsson at son Paul's recent football game at Dartmouth.

(George & Peter used to take perverse delight in walking into the Bronxville H.S Football

team locker room wearing their Class-A Troop 4 Scout uniform on Thursdays :o)

[ Our heartfelt thanks to George for serving as the Troop 4 Treasurer for over 30 years---from his home in Mass. no less!]


Father & son outing for Bob Quentin ( Eagle Scout,

former Troop 4 Committee Chmn, 91 years young)

with son Billy (Eagle Scout, Troop 4 Alumnus) at

the wreath laying at the National WWII Memorial.




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